National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

SAVCHENKO Vladimir Kirillovich

Vladimir Kirillovich Savchenko (b. 27.09.1939, v. Khmelnoye, Buda-Koshelevsky district, Gomel region), a geneticist. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1989), Doctor of Biological Sciences (1977), Professor (1987).

Scientific research in the field of general biology, genetics, genomics and ecology. Introduced the concepts of the genosphere, cenogenetics and cenogenomics. He founded new scientific disciplines: genetics of biological communities and geogenomics. He proposed the concept of associative genetics, associative selection and associative evolution. Developed methods for genetic analysis and synthesis of polyploid populations; experimentally studied the genetic processes in the Drosophil populations with prolonged selection; proposed and experimentally tested a genetic monitoring system for these populations. Published articles on the history of genetics and philosophy of biology. Developed and transferred a software package of genetic analysis programs to breeding centers in Belarus and other CIS countries. The method of network test crosses has found application in breeding centers in the CIS. Organized the UNESCO International Chernobyl Ecological Scientific Network for interdisciplinary research on the environmental consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.

Author of more than 300 scientific papers, incl. 14 monographs, 3 inventions.

State Prize of the BSSR in 1984 for the series of works "Genetics of heterosis and ways of its use in plant breeding", published in 1961-1982.

Awarded with medals.

Major papers:

  1. Генетика полиплоидных популяций. Минск: Наука и техника, 1976.
  2. Генетический анализ в сетевых пробных скрещиваниях. Минск: Наука и техника, 1984.
  3. Отбор и мутационный процесс в популяциях. Минск: Наука и техника, 1985 (в соавт.)
  4. Длительный отбор в популяциях. Минск: Наука и техника, 1988 (совм. с М.В. Тананко, Б.Ю. Аношенко).
  5. Геносфера: генетическая система биосферы. Мінск: Навука i тэхнiка, 1991.
  6. Экология Чернобыльской катастрофы: науч. основы Междунар. прогр. исслед. Минск: Беларус. навука, 1997.
  7. Геогеномика: организация геносферы. Минск: Белорус. наука, 2009.
  8. Ценогенетика: генетика биотических сообществ. Минск: Беларус. навука, 2010.