National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

SERDYUKOV Anatoly Nikolaevich

Anatoly Nikolaevich Serdyukov (b. 15.05.1944, v. Geroy, Buda-Koshelev District, Gomel Region), theoretical physicist. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1996), Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences (1987), Professor (1988).

Scientific research in the field of theoretical physics. The works are devoted to the problems of electrodynamics and acoustics of chiral media. In his studies, the contradictions of the previous theories of natural gyrotropy, developed by many outstanding physicists of the past and the present centuries, were eliminated, the electrodynamic material equations were matched with boundary conditions and conservation laws, and the interrelation between various methods of the phenomenological description of gyrotropy was established. He built a self-consistent theory of radiation, propagation, reflection, absorption, scattering, and nonlinear interaction of waves in chiral media. He performed a series of works on the theoretical study of elastic waves in chiral media. Predicted the effect and built the theory of acoustic and circular dichroism, formulated the conservation laws for sound waves taking into account frequency and spatial dispersion, solved many problems of photo-acoustics.

Author of more than 150 scientific papers, incl. 8 inventions and textbooks.

Prize named after academician F.I. Fedorov of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2007).

Major papers:

  1. Волновые процессы в гиротропных средах: дис.... д-ра физ.-мат. наук. Гомель, 1985.
  2. Основы теоретической кристаллооптики: (учеб. пособие). Гомель: [б. и.], 1987. (совм. с Б.В. Бокутем).
  3. Фотоакустическая спектроскопия гиротропных слоистых образцов // Журнал прикладной спектроскопии 1990. Т. 53, №4.
  4. Фотоакустическая спектроскопия холестирических жидких кристаллов. Область брэговского отражения // Оптика и спектроскопия. 1992. Т. 72, №2.
  5. Photoacustic spectroscopy of magnetoactive layers structures // Ceramics 47. Polish Ceramic Bulletin. 1995. № 9.
  6. Калибровочная теория скалярного гравитационного. Гомель: ГГУ им. Ф. Скорины, 2005.
  7. Электромагнитные волны в среде с коррелированной неоднородностью диэлектрической и магнитной проницаемостей // Журнал прикладной спектроскопии. 2014. Т. 81, №1. С. 81–87. (совм. с А.Н. Егоровым, М.А. Сердюковой).