National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

SHARSHUNOV Vyacheslav Alekseevich

Vyacheslav Alekseevich Sharshunov (b. 04.05.1949, v. Kruglovka, Rudnya district, Smolensk region, Russia), a scientist in the field of agricultural mechanization. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2003), Corresponding Member of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of the Republic of Belarus (1992-2002), Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1990), Professor (1991). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (1998).

Basic research in the field of agricultural engineering. He developed a scientific basis for introducing into agricultural production a number of new energy- and resource-saving waste-free technologies and sets of machines for harvesting, processing and using crops for seed and animal feed, as well as in fodder production and animal husbandry. Author of works on the history of Belarusian science and education, the emergence and improvement of the system of certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel for the degrees of master, candidate and doctor of science, as well as the academic title of assistant professor and professor in pre-revolutionary Russia, the USSR and the Republic of Belarus.

Author of more than 400 scientific and methodological works, incl. 32 monographs, textbooks, books and brochures and 69 patents and copyright certificates for inventions.

Winner of the special award of the Mogilev city executive committee "Dostizhenie" in the nomination "Education" for 2006.

Awarded with the Order of Honor (2008).

Major papers:

  1. Механизация обработки и внесение органических удобрений. Мн.: Ураджай, 1993 (совм. с С.И.Назаровым).
  2. Механизация уборки и послеуборочной обработки семян кормовых культур и трав. Мн.: Ураджай, 1997 (с им же).
  3. Механизация приготовления комбикормов. Мн.: Экоперспектива, 2003 (в соавт.).
  4. Корма и биологически активные вещества. Мн.: Белорусская наука, 2005 (в соавт.).
  5. Образование и наука дореволюционной Беларуси. Мн.:Технопринт, 2005.
  6. Машины и оборудование для производства комбикормов. Мн.: Экоперспектива, 2005 (в соавт.).
  7. Как подготовить и защитить диссертацию. Мн.: Мисанта, 2006.
  8. Машины и аппараты пищевых производств. В 3 кн. Кн. 1-2. Мн.: БГАТУ, 2007-2008.