National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

SHKUMATOV Vladimir Makarovich

Vladimir Makarovich Shkumatov (b. 30.05.1952, v. Bratskoye, Narovlya district, Gomel region) - a scientist in the field of bioorganic chemistry. Corresponding Member (2014), Doctor of Biological Sciences (1991), Professor (2008).

Works in the field of biotechnology, physico-chemical biology, biochemistry. Based on the phenomenon of molecular recognition, he created and applied enzymatic microreactors for biotechnological production of actively labeled steroids. He proposed an experimental-theoretical model based on recombinant microorganisms and bioinformatics methods for evaluating the direct and side effects of medicinal compounds. Established a new type of activity of recombinant bacteria, which is fundamentally important for creating ways to prevent the development of pathological conditions involving cholesterol. He substantiated the molecular mechanisms of the effect of pulsed ultrasound on precursor molecules and the active forms of a number of enzymes in the development of a new acousto-enzymatic method for the treatment of thromboembolic states. Created the composition of enzyme cleaners "Kryshtalin-F" (together with the company "HimMedSintez"), designed new lines of recombinant microorganisms for biotechnological production of steroids.

Author of more than 260 scientific papers, including 7 collective monographs, 12 copyright certificates and patents.

Prize of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Academy of Sciences of the GDR (1988) for the best scientific work “Enzymatic transformations of lipoid substances (steroids). Using the principles of monooxygenase catalysis to create biotechnological ways of obtaining physiologically active steroids".

Major papers:

  1. Ultrasound-assisted fibrinogen and fibrin proteolysis // Advances in Medicine and Biology. 2012. Vol. 40 (в соавт.).
  2. Cytochrome P450 expression in Yarrowia lipolytica and its use in steroid biotransformation // Yarrowia lipolytica. Berlin ; Heidelberg, 2013 (в соавт.).
  3. Evaluation of the fluorescent probes Nile Red and 25-NBD-cholesterol as substrates for steroid-converting oxidoreductases using pure enzymes and microorganisms // FEBS J. 2013. Vol. 280, N 13 (в соавт.).
  4. 22-NBD-cholesterol as a novel fluorescent substrate for cholesterol-converting oxidore ductases // J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol. 2013. Vol. 134 (в соавт.).