National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

SMYCHNIK Anatoly Danilovich

Anatoly Danilovich Smychnik (b. 13.10.1949, v. Zaelitsa, Glusk district, Mogilev region) - a scientist in the field of mining. Corresponding Member (2009), Doctor of Engineering Sciences (2005), Professor (2005).

Scientific research in the field of mining and mineral processing. Revealed patterns of influence of geological and mining factors on the nature of the physico-mechanical and physico-chemical processes that occur during the development of natural potassium salts. He performed an assessment of the influence of natural and man-made factors on the non-dynamic state of the lithosphere in areas of geological disturbances, developed methodological approaches to predicting displacements and deformations of the earth's surface depending on the adopted mining system. He developed principles and methods for modeling the processes of mining salt, as well as assessing the flow of groundwater into the mine workings. Developed flow charts to reduce the loss of potash salts at the 4th Mineral Division of Belaruskali, formulated requirements for systems and methods for controlling rock pressure, justified the power parameters of mechanized roof supports. Developed effective ways to prevent harmful emissions of salt, gas and rock formations in the developed space of treatment workings; resource-saving technologies that can significantly reduce the dangerous dynamic collapse of rocks of the main roof while reducing mineral losses by 30–40%, and also reduce the cost of maintaining mine workings by 1.5–2 times.

Author of over 190 scientific papers, including 8 monographs, 2 textbooks, more than 90 copyright certificates and patents.

Prize of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus (1993) for the development and implementation of the technology of the medical and recreational complex on the basis of the operating mine of "Belaruskaly". State Prize of the Republic of Belarus (2008) for the work “Development and implementation of resource-saving technologies for the extraction and processing of sylvinite ores at the Republican Unitary Enterprise Production Association "Belaruskaly", which increase the competitiveness of potash fertilizers on the world market”.

Awarded with the medal "For Labor Merit" (2009), other medals.

Major papers:

  1. Опыт разработки Старобинского месторождения калийных со лей // Горн. журн. 1998. № 11/12 (в соавт.).
  2. Технология и механизация горных работ на калийных рудниках Беларуси : учеб. пособие. Минск, 2002.
  3. Месторождения калийных солей Беларуси: геология и рациональное недропользование. Минск, 2003 (в соавт.).