National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

TARASENKO Nikolay Vladimirovich

Nikolay Vladimirovich Tarasenko (b. 07.11.1952, v. Blagovka, Shklov District, Mogilev Region) - physicist. Corresponding Member (2017), Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences (2000), Associate Professor (2012).

Research in the field of laser technology for the synthesis of nanostructures and plasma laser spectroscopy. Developed the physical fundamentals of highly sensitive methods of laser-fluorescence spectroscopy for diagnosing a wide range of plasma media: low-temperature gas-discharge and laser-ablative plasma, high-temperature hydrogen plasma. He is a co-author of research on the nonlinear frequency conversion of laser radiation in gas mixtures, in which coherent radiation was first obtained in the vacuum ultraviolet region. Formed a new research direction - laser plasma-activated synthesis of nanoscale particles of metals, their alloys and chemical compounds in a liquid, determined the conditions of controlled modification of particles under the action of laser radiation, proposed and implemented a number of approaches to increase the efficiency of laser technologies for the formation of nanostructures with given parameters carbides and metal oxides, luminescent carbon and silicon quantum dots; developed a promising technologically simple method of forming doped nanostructures, as well as a laser-plasma reactor for the synthesis of nanoparticles with parameters controlled in a wide range. Developed a number of laser techniques for quantitative spectral analysis to determine the component composition of materials for Belarusian enterprises.

Author of 400 scientific papers, copyright certificates and patents.

Major papers:

  1. Optical Emission Spectroscopy of C2 and C3 Molecules in Laser Ablation Carbon Plasma // Spectroscopy, Dynamics and Molecular Theory of Carbon Plasmas and Vapors. Singapore, 2011 (в соавт.).
  2. Pulsed Laser Ablation Synthesis and Modification of Composite Nanoparticles in Liquids // Laser Ablation in Liquids: Principles, Methods and Applications in Nanomaterials Preparation and Nanostructures Fabrication. Singapore, 2012.
  3. Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Nanoparticles // Nano-Optics for Enhancing Light-Matter Interactions on a Molecular Scale. Dordrecht, 2013 (в соавт.).