National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

VASILENKO Zoya Vasilyevna

Zoya Vasilyevna Vasilenko (b. 30.06.1946, v. Slobodka, Kursk region, Russia), a scientist in the field of food technology. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2003), Corresponding Member of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of the Republic of Belarus (1996-2002), Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1988), Professor (1990). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (2001).

Scientific works in the field of technologies for processing vegetable raw materials to obtain products with desired properties. She conducted physical and chemical studies related to the problem of the most complete use of substances contained in the raw materials. Contributed to the development of a new direction - the production and use of vegetable, fruit and other additives from vegetable raw materials for the production of high quality food. She studied and substantiated the mechanism of destruction of the protopectin complex of vegetable cell walls. She proposed a technology for the production of vegetable purees, in which pectic substances exhibit emulsifying and stabilizing properties to the maximum. Developed technologies for producing direct emulsions, studied the emulsifying and stabilizing effect of the liquid and solid phases of vegetable purees on the structure of the emulsions formed, which was the basis of mayonnaise technologies (introduced at Moscow and other fat plants). Identified the influence of technological factors on the change in the properties of pectic substances in the composition of plant tissue and established the possibility of obtaining vegetable and other purees that have a jelly-forming ability (introduced at the enterprises of Belarus and Russia). Developed the technology of bulk margarine 60 and 80% fat.

Author of more than 400 scientific papers, including 9 books, 14 textbooks, 36 inventions and patents.

Awarded with the Order of Honor (2013), medal.

Major papers:

  1. Плодоовощные пюре в производстве продуктов питания. М., 1987 (совм. с В.С. Барановым).
  2. Изучение сорбционной способности новой пищевой добавки "ПОЛИКОМ" по отношению к ионам свинца. Мн., 2000 (совм. с В.В. Редько).
  3. "ПОЛИКОМ" - важный функциональный ингредиент квалитативного питания. Елгава, 2002 (совм. с А.А. Шульгой).
  4. Растительные добавки в технологии пищевых продуктов. Орел, 2004 (совм. с Е.Н. Артемовой).