National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

VODOPYANOV Pavel Aleksandrovich

Pavel Aleksandrovich Vodopyanov (b. 10.02.1940, v. Polonaya, Korelichsky district, Grodno region) - philosopher. Corresponding Member (2009), Doctor of Philosophical Sciences (1983), Professor (1984). Excellence in Education of the Republic of Belarus (1995).

Scientific studies are devoted to the philosophy of science and technology, philosophy and methodology of science, ecology and evolutionary biology. He developed a new scientific direction based on the study of the problem of the stability of the biosphere as a fundamental theoretical problem, in which the most important world outlook and methodological aspects of modern science are concentrated, refining and deepening the modern scientific picture of the world. He revealed the mechanisms for maintaining the stability of the biosphere - the presence of biological diversity, duplicating and insuring mechanisms, the predominance of synthesis processes over destruction, prohibitions at the biochemical level, stabilizing selection at the level of phylogenesis, which allowed substantiating the basic laws of the evolution of the biosphere that have scientific and practical importance for determining the survival strategy of mankind . He gave a substantiation of the environmental consequences of scientific and technological progress, revealed its positive and negative aspects, substantiated the need to approve new value orientations in the interaction of society and nature, revealed the need to change the existing purely consumer vector of development based on an analysis of the conceptual foundations of a sustainable development strategy to determine the optimal environmental policy in the context of a global crisis. He proposed a rationale for a strategy of sufficient development based on the principles of bio-anthropocentrism and the golden section (bridging the gap between wastefulness and poverty in consumption) as the main direction of development of modern civilization on the way of approaching the noospheric age.

Author of 210 scientific papers, including 10 monographs.

Prize of the Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova (1996) for the monograph “The Great Day of Wrath: Ecology and Eschatology”.

Major papers:

  1. Устойчивость в развитии живой природы. Минск, 1974.
  2. Динамика биосферы и социокультурные традиции. Минск, 1987 (в соавт.).
  3. Великий день гнева: экология и эсхатология. Минск, 1993 (в соавт.).
  4. Философия и методология науки : хрестоматия. Минск, 2014 (в соавт.).
  5. Социально-экологическая проблематика в концептуальной структуре отечественной философии // Философские исследования. Минск, 2017. Вып. 4 (в соавт.).