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ALSMIK Petr Ivanovich

ALSMIK Petr Ivanovich

Petr Ivanovich Alsmik (27.02.1907, v. Vydreya, Liozno district, Vitebsk region - 02.04.1992), potato breeder. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1966; Corresponding Member since 1956), Academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1979), Academician of the UN of RB (1992), Corresponding Member of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the GDR (1974-1989), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1954) Professor (1968), Hero of Socialist Labor (1966). Honored Scientist of the BSSR (1973).

Scientific studies are devoted to the breeding and seed farming of potatoes. He developed a potato breeding technique that allows one to make predictions about the behavior of new varieties in different conditions, to create favorable regimes for their cultivation. He brought out 10 high-yielding varieties of potatoes with good taste and a large (up to 26) percentage of starch: Agronomic, Temp, Loshitsky, Razvaryty and others.

Author of more than 100 scientific papers, incl. 6 monographs.

State Prizes of the USSR in 1951 and 1974 for breeding, reproduction and introduction into the production of high-yielding potato varieties.

Awarded with the Order of Lenin (1966), the October Revolution (1977), the Orders of the Red Banner of Labor (1959, 1971, 1973), Friendship of Peoples, the Badge of Honor (1987), the gold medal named after I.V. Michurin (1979), 4 gold and 3 silver medals of the VDNH, many medals of the USSR and the BSSR.

Major papers:

  1. Лучшие сорта картофеля для БССР. Минск, 1948.
  2. Семеноводство и апробация картофеля в БССР. Минск, 1948.
  3. Культура картофеля в Белорусской ССР. Минск, 1953 (в соавт.).
  4. Бульба. 2-е изд. Мінск, 1955 (в соавт.).
  5. Селекция картофеля в Белоруссии. Минск, 1979.
  6. Физиология картофеля. М., 1979 (в соавт.).
  7. Картофель: селекция, семеноводство, технология возделывания. Минск, 1988.