National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

ASTAPCHIK Stanislav Aleksandrovich

Stanislav Aleksandrovich Astapchik (b. 07.09.1935, Maryina Gorka, Minsk region), a scientist in the field of materials science in mechanical engineering. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1986; corresponding member since 1984), Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1980), Professor (1984). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (2001).

Scientific works on the physics of metastable states in metals and alloys, the physical fundamentals of phase and structural transformations when exposed to intense energy fluxes, the effect of high heating and cooling rates on critical points and intervals of phase and structural transformations; on the interaction of temperature and structural fronts, the mechanism and kinetics of heterogeneous phase and structural transformations in martensitic-aging, stainless steels and transition-class steels; for high-speed continuous annealing of electrical and auto sheet steels, non-ferrous alloys. The works of recent years are connected with laser surface modification, laser thermal strengthening, interaction of high-power radiation with matter, laser synthesis and self-propagating high-temperature synthesis process.

Author of more than 140 scientific papers, incl. 7 monographs, 5 patents and 27 copyright certificates for inventions.

State Prize of the USSR in 1986 for the creation of scientific foundations, the development and industrial introduction of technological processes of thermal hardening of steels and alloys. Prize of the Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova in 2001 for the work "Study of the mechanism and kinetics of phase and structural transformations in non-equilibrium conditions and the development of promising technologies for hardening steels and alloys".

Awarded with the Order of the October Revolution (1986), "Badge of Honor" (1976), medals.

Major papers:

  1. Мартенситно-стареющие стали. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1976 (совм. с М.Н.Бодяко, Г.Б.Ярошевичем).
  2. Электротермообработка сплавов с особыми свойствами. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1977 (совм. с М.Н.Бодяко).
  3. Стохастическая модель безгазового горения гетерогенной системы // Доклады АН СССР. 1991. Т.318, №3.
  4. Высокоэнергетические методы обработки материалов (лазер, электроэрозия, магнитное поле, водяная струя высокого давления, электротермия) // Весцi НАН Беларусi. Серыя фiзiка-тэхнiчных навук. 2002. №1.
  5. Лазерные технологии в машиностроении и металлообработке. Мн.: Белорусская наука, 2008 (совм. с В.С. Голубевым, А.Г. Маслаковым).