National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

ELYASHEVICH Mikhail Aleksandrovich

ELYASHEVICH Mikhail Aleksandrovich

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Elyashevich (21.08.1908, Munich, Germany – 04.01.1996) – physicist. Academician (1956), Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences (1945), Professor (1948). Honored Scientist of the BSSR (1978).

Scientific works on theoretical spectroscopy, low-temperature plasma physics, theory of the structure of matter, history of quantum physics. He developed the foundations of the theory of vibrations and vibrational spectra of polyatomic molecules. Performed a number of studies on rare earth spectroscopy, plasma spectroscopy and high-temperature processes. Developer of measurements of the parameters of the atomic explosion, a direct participant in the preparation and conduct of optical observations during the tests of the first atomic bomb (1949) and the first thermonuclear bomb of megaton power (1955) in the USSR.

Author of about 200 scientific papers, including 7 monographs.

State Prizes of the USSR: for the successful implementation of important scientific research (1949); for the two-volume monograph Oscillation of Molecules (1950). Lenin Prize (1966) for scientific works in the field of physical sciences. State Prize of the Republic of Belarus (1992) for a series of works on the physics of plasma-dynamic processes during laser-plasma effects on metals and composite materials.

Awarded with the Order of Lenin (1949), "Badge of Honor" (1956), the Labor Red Banner (1968), medals.

Major papers:

  1. Колебания молекул : в 2 т. М. ; Л. 1949 (в соавт.; 2-е изд. М., 1972).
  2. Спектры редких земель. М. ; Л., 1953.
  3. Атомная и молекулярная спектроскопия. М., 1962 (2-е изд. М., 2001).
  4. Развитие Нильсом Бором квантовой теории атома и принципа соответствия // Успехи физ. наук. 1985. Т. 147, вып. 2.
  5. Подготовка и проведение оптических наблюдений первого советского ядерного взрыва // Вопр. истории естество- знания и техники. 1996. № 2.
  6. Основы атомной физики. М., 2006 (в соавт.).