National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

KARPUT Ivan Matveyevich

Ivan Matveyevich Karput (01.01.1938, v. Dolbenki, Bolshaya Berestovitsa district, Grodno region – 18.02.2012), a veterinary scientist. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2003), Corresponding Member of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of the Republic of Belarus (1992-2002), Doctor of Veterinary Sciences (1977), Professor (1979). Professor Emeritus of Cambridge (2002) and Columbia (2003) Universities.

Scientific works in the field of immunology, immunopathology and hematopoiesis in animals. Conducted fundamental research to clarify the patterns of formation of immune status in animals, the development of immunopathology mechanisms in the mother-offspring system, the effect of antibiotics, probnotik, vitamins, chemical products, industrial emissions, a number of microorganisms and parasites on blood formation, immunogenesis, metabolism and quality of animal production . Author and coauthor of 12 diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive drugs and immunomodulators, the production of which is organized in the Republic of Belarus. Developed and tested information technologies and progressive educational and methodical methods of education, which are implemented in the educational processes of universities of the Republic of Belarus and the CIS countries.

Published over 600 scientific papers, including 7 monographs, 4 textbooks, 3 reference books. Author of 11 inventions and patents.

Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 1997 for the series of works "Study of patterns of formation of the immune status", clarification of the mechanisms of development of animal immunopathology, the creation of drugs for diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Major papers:

  1. Гематологический атлас сельскохозяйственных животных. Мн., 1986.
  2. Иммунология и иммунопатология болезней молодняка. Мн., 1993.
  3. Внутренние незаразные болезни животных. СПб., 2002 (в соавт.).