National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

KARTEL Nikolai Alexandrovich

Nikolai Alexandrovich Kartel (05.05.1937, v. Galyashi, Rossony district, Vitebsk region – 01.04.2013), geneticist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1996; corresponding member since 1986), Doctor of Biological Sciences (1984), Professor (1991). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (1999).

Major works on genetics, molecular genetics and plant genetic engineering. He studied issues of genetics and selection of woody plants, radiation mutagenesis of agricultural plants, problems of genetic and cellular engineering of higher plants. He conducted a systematic study of the interaction of exogenous DNA with the genome of higher plants and substantiated the fundamental principles of the physiological, biochemical, cytological, and genetic effects of foreign DNA on a plant organism. He developed a technology for producing transgenic plants of a number of agricultural crops and created original vector designs that carry economically important genes. Got transgenic plants that show resistance to phytopathogens and insects, plants that can successfully grow on soils contaminated with heavy metals and petroleum products. Established the role of simple and complex repetitive DNA sequences in the structural and functional organization of the plant genome. Published and put into practice guidelines for DNA certification of varieties and lines of plants. He created a DNA map-rich genetic map of the rye genome, which is of high genetic and breeding value. Under his leadership, studies are being conducted on the DNA marker of concomitant selection of crops, on the identification of disease resistance genes, and on the diagnosis of diseases using DNA markers. Performed research on the genetic consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. The results of a study of the molecular genetic features of the development of papillary thyroid carcinomas in children are reflected in the US-published guide to thyroid cancer. (Thyroid Cancer, 2006).

Author of more than 470 scientific papers, incl. 4 monographs, 4 inventions, 8 patents.

Award of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 2001 for the book "Genetics: Encyclopedic Dictionary".

Awarded with the Francisk Skaryna Medal (2009).

Major papers:

  1. Генетика в лесоводстве. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1970 (совм. с Е.Д. Манцевичем).
  2. Генетическая инженерия. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1980 (совм. с Н.А. Троицким).
  3. Эффекты экзогенной ДНК у высших растений. Мн.: Навука i тэхнiка, 1981.
  4. Биоинженерия: методы и возможности. Мн.: Ураджай, 1989.
  5. Фитогормоны и фитопатогенность бактерий. Мн.: Навука і тэхніка, 1994 (совм. с Е.В. Лобанок, В.В. Фомичевой).
  6. Генетика: энциклопедический словарь. Мн.: Тэхналогія, 1999 (совм. с Е.Н. Макеевой, А.М. Мезенко).
  7. Биотехнология в растениеводстве. Мн.: Тэхналогія, 2005 (совм. с А.В. Кильчевским).