National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

KONOPLYA Evgeny Fedorovich

Evgeny Fedorovich Konoplya (01.03.1939, v. Malaya Sloboda, Kletsk district, Minsk region – 14.02.2010), radiobiologist, biochemist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1989; corresponding member since 1986), Doctor of Medical Sciences (1976), Professor (1984). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (2004).

Research are devoted to the development of the scientific basis for the action of ionizing radiation on the body, the occurrence of a malignant process, including elucidation at the molecular-cellular and organismic levels of the mechanisms of action of hormones, their metabolism and neurohormonal regulation. An important part of these works is the study of the action of low doses of radiation, their immediate and remote consequences, the development of radiation protection methods, and the determination of the influence on the body’s vital activity of the radiation-ecological situation in Belarus. The Research Institute of Oncology and Medradiology developed combined methods of cancer therapy, including radiation treatment, as well as creating methods to increase the sensitivity of tissues to radiation using hyperthermia and hyperglycemia as protectors, determining the most effective methods of radiation therapy depending on the dose and duration of the course of radiation. From the initial stage of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, he studied the radiation situation in the country, its impact on metabolism and the most important systems of the body - endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, and others. This made it possible to develop a concept for the population living in radioactively polluted territories, which is the basis for adopting the State Program for Overcoming the Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster in Belarus and a number of laws of the Republic of Belarus on the protection of the population and the status of polluted territories.

Author of about 350 scientific papers, incl. 10 monographs.

Awarded with a medal.

Major papers:

  1. Гормоны и старение. Цитоплазматическая рецепция стероидных гормонов.. Мн.: Навука і тэхніка, 1991 (совм. с Лукиной Г.Л.).
  2. Гормоны и старение. Мембранные механизмы гормональной регуляции. Мн.: Навука і тэхніка, 1991 (совм. с Гацко Г.Г., Милютиным А.А.).
  3. Рак и циклические нуклеотиды. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1993 (совм. с Бернштейн Л.М., Прохоровой В.И.).
  4. Целебно-пищевые растения. Мн.: Полымя, 2000 (совм. с Николайчук Л.В., Баженовой Л.А.).
  5. Радиация и Чернобыль. Щитовидная и паращитовидные железы. Кальций-фосфорный обмен. Гомель: Ин-т радиологии, 2005 (совм. с Багель И.М.).
  6. Радиация и Чернобыль: трансурановые элементы на территории Беларуси. Мн.: Беларуская навука, 2006 (совм. с Кудряшовым В.П., Мироновым В.П.).