National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

KOROTKOV Konstantin Nikolaevich

KOROTKOV Konstantin Nikolaevich

Konstantin Nikolaevich Korotkov (08.03.1890, Voronezh, Russia – 19.03.1954), chemist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1950; corresponding member since 1947), Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1943), Professor (1939). Honored Scientist of the BSSR (1949).

Major works in the field of forest chemistry: on the theory of dry wood distillation, the study of terpenic hydrocarbons, the development of technology tapping. He studied the kinetics of oxidation of turpentine and rosin. As a result of the expeditionary research, the raw material base for rosin production in Belarus was identified.

Author of more than 40 scientific papers, incl. 2 monographs.

Awarded with the Order of Lenin (1951), the Labor Red Banner (1949).

Major papers:

  1. Химическая переработка древесины. Мн.: Гос. изд. БССР, 1947.
  2. Канифоль и скипидар. Мн.: Гос. изд. БССР, 1950.