National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

KUHARCHIK Petr Dmitrievich

Petr Dmitrievich Kuharchik (b. 22.03.1945, v. Orda, Kletsk district, Minsk region), a scientist in the field of radiophysics. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1994). Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1988), Professor (1990). Honored Education Worker of the Republic of Belarus (2011).

Research in the field of radioholography. He developed the physical foundations of a new scientific field related to the research and development of holographic methods in the radio and infrared bands of electromagnetic waves. He developed methods and created systems for converting images of the infrared and microwave ranges into visible ones. He proposed a new approach to the formation and visualization of radio images. He performed a series of works on the theoretical and experimental research of non-traditional methods of forming holograms. He proposed and implemented holographic schemes with partially filled apertures, providing high resolution and low noise, as well as methods for recording infrared radiation and increasing the sensitivity of recording media. He developed a theoretical basis for the interaction of electromagnetic waves with artificial media, methods and algorithms for recording and processing biomedical and speech signals, and new radio absorbing materials were created. Under his scientific guidance, methods have been developed and devices have been created for determining the moisture and mass of dielectric materials introduced at the enterprises of Belarus and Russia.

Author of more than 170 scientific papers, incl. monographs, 42 inventions.

Major papers:

  1. Системы технического зрения. Принципы построения. Л.: Машиностроение, 1988 (в соавт.).
  2. Взаимодействие электромагнитных волн с искусственными средами // Избр. научные труды БГУ. 2001. №4.
  3. Development of nanodispersible film material absorbing microwave radiation // XII Int. Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications. Poland. 2000. Vol.3.
  4. Neural networks and tasks of biomedical signal segmentation // Proc. of IV Int. Workshop on Biosignal Interptetation BSI2002. Villa Olmo, Como, Italy, 24-26 June, 2002.