National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

LESNIKOVICH Anatoly Ivanovich

Anatoly Ivanovich Lesnikovich (b. state farm "Rachkovichi", Slutsk district, Minsk region, 03.04.1941 – 05.02.2019), physical chemist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1996; corresponding member since 1994), Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1987), Professor (1989).

He developed methods of isoparametric relationships and solving the inverse problem of non-isothermal kinetics for simple and some complex reactions of condensed substances. He studied the mechanism of thermal decomposition of the components of mixed solid rocket fuels, incl. synthesized, as well as thermal conversion processes of these fuels and other practically important composite materials based on polymers. I discovered the size effect in controlling the rate of combustion with catalysts and combustion inhibitors, which made it possible to obtain new regulators for various combustible systems. Established patterns that allow to assess the limits of regulation of the rate of combustion, the pressure at which the catalytic effect is replaced by the inhibitory. Discovered and studied the phenomenon of liquid-flame combustion, as well as compounds capable of self-propagating high-temperature decomposition - a special form of combustion, on the basis of which proposed chemical generators of oxygen, nitrogen and chlorine. He justified chemical engineering as the science of chemical design of systems of nano and micro-sized elements and developed a number of such systems.

Author of about 400 scientific papers, incl. 2 monographs, textbook, more than 60 inventions.

State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in 2012.

Awarded with the Francisk Skaryna Medal (2006), other medals.

Major papers:

  1. Об отрицательной корреляции параметров закона скорости горения // Физика горения и взрыва. 1979. №1.
  2. Изопараметрические кинетические соотношения в реакциях конденсированных веществ // J. Therm. Anal. 1985. №3.
  3. Явление жидкопламенного горения // Весцi НАН Беларусi. Сер. хiм. навук. 1998. №4.
  4. Термическое разложение аминотетразолов // Thermochim. Acta. 2002. Vol.388.
  5. 45 лет в науке. Сб. статей. Мн.: Белорусская наука, 2006.