National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

MOZHEYKO Foma Fomich

Foma Fomich Mozheyko (v. Skuraty, Ivatsevichi district, Brest region, 07.10.1936 – 16.10.2018), chemist. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1991), Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1989).

Scientific research in the field of colloid chemistry and physico-chemical mechanics. He developed a scientific basis for regulating the colloidal-chemical properties of clay-salt dispersions formed during the production of potash fertilizers. Established patterns and features of the interaction of surface-active substances with clay minerals in concentrated electrolyte solutions. He introduced new reagents to Belaruskali, which increase the efficiency of the flotation process for the production of potash fertilizers and improve their quality. Studied the mechanism of formation of condensation-crystallization structures in potash fertilizers. Developed new methods for producing non-caking, non-dusting mineral fertilizers and more environmentally friendly, slow-soluble, granular fertilizers, methods for producing potash fertilizers, materials valuable for the national economy, from clay-salt wastes, as well as effective reagents - dust suppressors.

Author of more than 520 scientific papers, incl. monographs, 198 inventions.

State Prize of the BSSR in 1990 for the development and implementation of potash fertilizer production technology with improved physical and agrochemical properties.

Major papers:

  1. Физикохимия селективной флотации калийных солей. Мн., 1983 (в соавт.).
  2. Производство, использование минеральных удобрений в БССР и проблемы охраны окружающей среды. Мн., 1988 (совм. с Н.П. Крутько).