National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

MUSHINSKY Mikhail Iosifovich

Mikhail Iosifovich Mushinsky (v. Mokroe, Bykhov district, Mogilev region, 24.01.1931 – 08.06.2018), critic, literary critic, textologist. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1991), Doctor of Philological Sciences (1978), Professor (2001).

Scientific works in the history of the Belarusian literature, textology, methodology of literary criticism and literary criticism. He studied the history of Belarusian criticism and literary criticism of the 1920–1990s, showed the socio-historical conditionality of the development of criticism and scientific thought, their role in the struggle to establish the principles of realism, nationality, humanism, and universal human values ​​in literature. One of the authors of the "History of Belarusian pre-October literature" and "History of Belarusian Soviet literature" (1977); "Essays on the history of Belarusian-Russian literary connections". v. 2-4. 1994-1995; "Stories of Belarusian literature of the twentieth century". v.1-4. 1999-2003. He explores the life and work of Y. Kolas, M. Goretsky, M. Zaretsky, R. Murashki. In recent years, the main efforts are focused on the development of a new concept of historical and literary development and the creation of a renewed history of Belarusian literature. Supervises the program for the preparation of multi-volume scientific publications, including the first Complete Works of M. Bogdanovich in 3 vol., Y. Kupala in 9 vol., as well as the Collected Works of I. Melezh, Y. Kolas, M. Goretsky, M. Lynkov, P. Pestraka, Z. Byaduli, P. Brovka, M. Zaretsky. These publications have become the basis of the latest fundamental research of Belarusian scientists. One of the organizers of the annual scientific conferences "Kalasavíny" (1987-2006) and "Garetskíya chytanní" (1992-2006).

Author of more than 300 scientific papers, incl. 13 monographs.

State Prize of the BSSR named after Y. Kolas (1980).

Awarded with a medal.

Major papers:

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  10. Мае Каласавіны. Мн.: Беларуская навука, 2010.