National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

NIKITCHENKO Ivan Nikolaevich

Ivan Nikolaevich Nikitchenko (10.01.1939, v. Goritsy, Pogar district, Bryansk region, Russia – 20.11.2010), a scientist in the field of animal breeding. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1986), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1979), Professor (1981).

Research on the development of genetic and mathematical methods for the analysis of breeding work and automated control systems in livestock breeding, on the creation of new specialized pig lines. Developed predictive metabolic indices, methods for predicting the productivity and genetic susceptibility of animals to diseases and stress.

Author of over 280 scientific papers, incl. 6 monographs, 5 inventions.

Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1980 for the development and implementation in the BSSR of an effective system of breeding in pig breeding, the creation of a Belarusian intrabreeding type of pigs of large white and Belarusian black-and-white breeds.

Major papers:

  1. Системы ведения сельского хозяйства Белорусской ССР. Мн.: Ураджай, 1986 (в соавт.).
  2. Гетерозис в свиноводстве. Л.: Агропромиздат, 1987.
  3. Адаптация, стрессы и продуктивность сельскохозяйственных животных. Мн.: Ураджай, 1988 (в соавт.).
  4. Энциклопедия сельского хозяина. Мн.: БелЭн, 1994.
  5. Чернобыль: как это было. Мн., 1999.