National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

RUBANOV Alexander Sergeevich

Alexander Sergeevich Rubanov (12.09.1936, Slutsk, Minsk region – 23.07.2003), physicist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1996; correspondent member since 1989), Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences (1976), Professor (1981). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus (1999).

Research in the field of optics and laser physics. Developed the physical foundations of dynamic holography and phase conjugation optics. Discovered a new phenomenon - the inversion of the wave front of light in the four-wave interaction. He developed effective methods for transforming the spatial structure of laser beams, processing optical information, determining the properties of a substance, and initiating hypersound. Investigated optoelectronic diffraction structures to control the parameters of light beams. He developed methods for calculating the thermal regime and thermo-optical distortions of active elements, methods for controlling the temporal and polarization characteristics of generation. Calculated the infrared glow of the air at the entry of the head of the rocket in the dense atmosphere.

Author of more than 300 scientific papers, incl. 2 monographs, 35 inventions and patents.

State Prize of the BSSR in 1976 for the development of methods for calculating the energy and temporal characteristics of solid-state optical quantum generators. State Prize of the USSR in 1982 for the series of works "The Physical Foundations of Dynamic Holography and New Methods for Transforming the Spatial Structure of Light Beams".

Awarded with medals.

Major papers:

  1. Методы расчета оптических квантовых генераторов. Мн., 1968 (в соавт.).
  2. Тепловой режим твердотельных оптических квантовых генераторов. М., 1973 (совм. с Б.Р. Белостоцким).
  3. Некоторые вопросы динамической голографии // Проблемы современной оптики и спектроскопии. Мн., 1980.
  4. Dynamic holograms and phase conjugation in multilevel resonant media // Optics and Laser Technology. 1996. Vol.28, №4.