National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

RUTSKY Alexander Vladimirovich

Alexander Vladimirovich Rutsky (b. 27.01.1932, v. Bartniki, Baranovichi district, Brest region), a scientist in the field of orthopedics and traumatology. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2002; corresponding member since 1991), Doctor of Medical Sciences (1976), Professor (1977). Honored Scientist of the BSSR (1982).

He carried out fundamental and applied research aimed at reducing injuries, reducing treatment time, reducing disability and mortality. He proposed a number of methods for treating trauma patients. The results of work related to the study of tissue blood flow and metabolic processes, open up new perspectives and opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. He developed a cementless bipolar hip joint endoprosthesis, for which 2005 received the international certificate "CE". The international quality certificate SGS ISO 9001:2000 has been obtained for the mass production of the endoprosthesis.

Author of 275 scientific papers, incl. 11 monographs and reference books, 13 patents and inventions.

State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in 1992 for a series of works "Development and implementation in practice of vascular surgery of new methods of diagnosis and treatment".

Awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1971), the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1981), and medals.

Major papers:

  1. Постоянное вытяжение в травматологии и ортопедии. Мн., 1970.
  2. Повреждение магистральных кровеносных сосудов. Мн., 1985 (совм. с И.Н.Гришиным).
  3. Рентгенодиагностический атлас. Мн.: Высшая школа, 1987 (совм. с А.Н. Михайловым).
  4. Нейроортопедические и ортопедоневрологические синдромы у детей и подростков. Мн.: Харвест, 1998 (совм. с Г.Г. Шанько ).