National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

SVIRIDOV Vadim Vasilyevich

Vadim Vasilyevich Sviridov (09.04.1931, v. Vyazyn, Vileyka district, Minsk region – 12.04.2002), chemist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1989; corresponding member since 1980). Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1973), Professor (1975). Honored Scientist of the BSSR (1976).

Major works on the photochemistry of inorganic systems, chemistry of photographic processes, chemistry of a solid body. He established patterns of thermal decomposition, photolysis and radiolysis of solid metal salts, photochemical transformations on the surface of solids in an aqueous medium, the formation of ultrafine complex oxides from co-precipitated metal hydroxides. He discovered the effects of a significant increase in photosensitivity in microheterogeneous systems and established patterns of photochemical processes in photochromic microheterogeneous systems based on different metal halides. Developed the scientific foundations and technological principles of obtaining thin metal films using chemical precipitation reactions in aqueous solutions, the principles of photoselective deposition of metals and its use to obtain non-silver and silver photographic images.

Author of over 450 scientific papers, incl. 3 monographs and 4 textbooks, more than 120 inventions.

Awarded with the Francisk Skaryna Medal (1998).

Major papers:

  1. Фотохимия и радиационная химия твердых неорганических веществ. Ч.1. Мн., 1964.
  2. Химическое осаждение металлов из водных растворов. Мн., 1987 (в соавт.).