National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

TOCHITSKY Eduard Ivanovich

Eduard Ivanovich Tochitsky (19.07.1935, Minsk – 28.11.2007), a scientist in the field of materials science in mechanical engineering and in microelectronics, physics and technology of thin films and coatings. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1994). Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1974), Professor (1981).

The scientific works are devoted to studies of the real structure of thin films, epitaxy phenomena, kinetics, and thermodynamics of phase formation during vacuum condensation of thin films and coatings. Created the theory of kinetics of nucleation and growth of coatings under both stationary and pulsed deposition, established the influence of size effects on structural and phase transformations in thin-film systems, the dependence of physical properties and the crystallographic structure of films on crystallization conditions and subsequent heat treatment. Developed the scientific foundations of the new direction in materials science for microelectronics: the formation in vacuum of elements of ultra-large integrated circuits (VLSI), protective and passivating coatings from pulsed streams of accelerated plasma; formulated the principles of the implementation of metastable states in films and thin-film systems, experimentally obtained diamond and diamond-like carbon films at low temperatures on substrates of various materials. He created the concept of "dry" ultraviolet laser projection microlithography, on its basis developed a new progressive technology for manufacturing VLSI in a single technological cycle. Known as a scientist in the field of key processes of high-tech, non-material-intensive modern engineering, increasing the durability and reliability of machines and mechanisms by applying hardening, wear-resistant, heat-shielding and corrosion-resistant coatings on machine parts and mechanisms. Developed a unique technology and industrial equipment, created accelerators of pulsed cathode arc erosion plasma, allowing to obtain nanoscale materials and with high accuracy to apply multilayer and multi-component coatings of a given composition and thickness, as well as to synthesize previously unknown materials with programmable mixing in any proportions and combinations of plasma flows substances that in equilibrium conditions mutually do not dissolve and do not react. In recent years, Belarus has been developing new research areas: micromechanical systems and nanoelectronics.

Author of more than 370 scientific papers, including 3 monographs, 70 inventions and patents.

Major papers:

  1. Структура тонких металлических пленок. Мн., 1968 (с В.П.Северденко).
  2. Кристаллизация и термообработка тонких пленок. Мн., 1976.
  3. Use of low energy ion assistance for modification of diamond like carbon films conductivity (совм. с N.M. Checan, V.T. Svirin, I.V. Gasencova) // Vacuum. 2000. Vol.58, №1.