National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

VOLFSON Semen Yakovlevich

VOLFSON Semen Yakovlevich

Semen Yakovlevich Volfson (08.06.1894, Bobruisk – 1941), philosopher. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1928), Professor (1921).

He studied the problems of dialectical and historical materialism, the history of philosophy, sociology, science and culture. The author of the first in the USSR university textbook "Dialectical materialism" (part 1-2. Minsk, 1922). A number of works are devoted to the state of religious life in Belarus, problems of family and marriage, criticism of the ideology of fascism and racial theories.

Published more than 30 scientific papers, including 9 monographs.

Awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1931).

Major papers:

  1. Плеханов. 2 изд. Мн.: Гос. изд. Белоруссии, 1924.
  2. Диалектический материализм. Ч.1-3. 7 изд. Мн.: Белорусск. гос. ун-т, 1929.
  3. Сучасная рэлiгiйнасць: (Паводле матэрыялаў даследвання ў БССР). Мн.: Выд-не БАН, 1930.
  4. Супраць расавых тэорый. Мн.: Выд-ва Беларус. акад. навук, 1935.
  5. Сям'я i шлюб у iх гiстарычным развiццi. Мн.: Выд-ва Акад. навук БССР, 1937.