National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

VYSHELESSKY Sergey Nikolaevich

VYSHELESSKY Sergey Nikolaevich

Sergey Nikolaevich Vyshelessky (01.11.1874, Obol, Shumilino district, Vitebsk region - January 14, 1958), an epizootologist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1928), Professor (1924), Honorary Member of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1956). Honored Scientist of the USSR (1940).

He developed methods of combating anthrax, plague and swine erysipelas, tuberculosis, brucellosis, inflammation of the lungs of cattle, colibacillosis and paratyphoid calves, and horse glanders. Discovered the causative agent of infectious encephalomyelitis of horses. Prepared the first USSR textbook and guide to epizootology.

Published about 100 scientific papers, incl. 2 monographs.

State Prize of the USSR in 1941 for the textbook "Private Epizootology".

Awarded with the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labor, the "Badge of Honor", and medals. In 1974, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences established a gold medal named after S.N. Vyshelessky for outstanding work in the field of general and particular epizootology. Name S.N. Vyshelesky assigned to the Institute of Experimental Veterinary Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Major papers:

  1. Частная эпизоотология. 3 изд. М.: Сельхозгиз, 1954.
  2. Причины появления заразных болезней животных. 2 изд. М.: Сельхозгиз, 1959.
  3. Избранные труды. М.: Колос, 1977.