National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

ZATSEPIN Nikolai Nikolaevich

Nikolai Nikolaevich Zatsepin (b. 16.01.1917, v. Stezhki, Degtyanka District, Tambov Region, Russia), a scientist in the field of electromagnetism and non-destructive testing physics. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1972), Doctor of Engineering Sciences (1967), Professor (1971). Member of the Great Patriotic War.

He created new scientific directions and obtained fundamental results on the nonlinear theory of the higher harmonics method, nonlinear magnetodynamics and magnetostatics, the theory of multi-parameter non-destructive testing methods, the creation of methods and means of control and the quality of mechanical properties and strengthened product layers. Developed the scientific foundations of magnetic and eddy current flaw detection.

Author of more than 370 scientific papers, incl. 6 monographs, more than 120 inventions.

State Prize of the BSSR in 1976 for research, development and implementation of electromagnetic methods and means of non-destructive control of the mechanical properties of ferromagnetic materials and products.

Awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1979), the Order of the Red Star (1968), World War of the II degree (1985), medals.

Major papers:

  1. Метод высших гармоник. Мн., 1980.
  2. Магнитная дефектоскопия. Мн., 1981 (совм. с Л.В. Кортавой).
  3. Феррозондовые преобразователи с поперечным возбуждением. Мн., 1988 (совм. с В.Г. Горбашем).
  4. Гармонические составляющие динамической и магнитной проницаемости. Векторные диаграммы второй и четвертой гармоник // Техническая электродинамика. 2000. № 1.