National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

ZHILUNOVICH Dmitry Fedorovich

ZHILUNOVICH Dmitry Fedorovich

Dmitry Fedorovich Zhilunovich (Tishka Gartny) (04.11.1887, v. Kopyl, Minsk region - 11.04.1937), Belarusian writer, state and public figure. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1928). Member of the revolution of 1905-1907 and civil war.

Literary activity began in 1908. Representative of the revolutionary-democratic direction in the Belarusian pre-October literature. He acted as a poet, prose writer, playwright, essayist, critic, researcher of the history of Belarusian literature. Founder of working themes in national poetry and prose (Sat "Pesni", 1913). In the most significant work - the novel "Soki tsaliny" (written in 1914-1929, published in 1922-1930) - showed the ways of formation of the revolutionary character, created vivid images of the peasant townsmen. In his works depicted the revolutionary events and stages of socialist construction. In the collections of stories "Treski na khvalyakh" (1924) and "Prysady" (1927) showed the events of the civil war, the village was awakened by the revolution. Author of plays, a novel about the collectivization "Peragudy" (1935), articles on the history of the revolutionary movement in Belarus.

Major papers:

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