National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Henry Markram (b. 28.03.1962, Republic of South Africa) - a scientist in the field of neurology and neurobiology. Foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2017), Doctor of Philosophical Sciences (1991). Member of the Israeli Society of Neurology, American Society of Neurology, Swiss Society of Neurology.

Scientific research on the physiology and pathology of the brain. He made a decisive contribution to the development of the principles of spike-dependent plasticity in neural networks, the laws of redistribution of synaptic efficiency and the formation of long-term plasticity. He studied the processes of memorization in the hippocampal neural networks. Found a link between the mechanisms of acetylcholine and memory, showing that acetylcholine modulates the primary receptor associated with synaptic plasticity. Identified transient calcium processes in dendrites caused by subthreshold activity. Proved that synaptic learning can also include a change in synaptic dynamics (the so-called redistribution of synaptic efficiency), and not just a change in strong connections. He studied the principles that determine the structure, function and dynamics of microorganisms in the neocontinental region. Together with V. Maas he developed the so-called theory of the liquid homeopathic machine, or high entropy calculations. Established a link between "autistic" behavior and functional and structural changes in the neocortex and the amygdala. Developed a new theory of autism, based on the assessment of changes in gene expression, protein expression, screening of ion channels, measuring synaptic efficiency, comparing the results of electroencephalographic and behavioral tests. He developed computer models that became the basis for fundamentally new approaches in understanding the causes of autism, as well as methods for correcting brain functions in strokes and injuries. In 2005, he substantiated the feasibility of creating a European scientific project “Blue Brain Project” for understanding the patterns of functioning of the neural networks of the brain and proposed a project for modeling the human brain using a supercomputer. In 2013 became the founder of the European megaproject for the study of the human brain "Human Brain Project".

Major papers:

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