National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

PANIN Victor Evgenievich

Victor Evgenievich Panin (b. 10.11.1930, Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan) - a scientist in the field of strength physics and materials science. Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2000). Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1987; correspondent member since 1981), Russian Academy of Sciences (1991), foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2009), Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences (1968), Professor (1971). Honorary Doctor of Tomsk State University (2000). Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation (2000). Honorary Citizen of Tomsk (2000).

Scientific research in the field of mechanics of a deformable solid, physics of strength and plasticity, materials science. Develops a new scientific direction - physical mesomechanics of materials, allowing to connect the continuum mechanics (macro level), plastic deformation physics (micro level) and physical materials science. Formulated and substantiated the fundamental principles of physical mesomechanics.

Author of more than 600 scientific papers, including 12 monographs, 39 copyright certificates and patents.

Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after academician V.A. Koptyug (2002) for the series of works “Physical mesomechanics and new ideas about contact fracture of gradient materials: development of technologies for surface engineering of structural materials”.

Awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1981, 1986), "For Services to the Fatherland" of the I (2007) and IV (1998) degrees, medals.

Major papers:

  1. Структурные уровни деформации твердых тел. Новосибирск, 1985 (в соавт.).
  2. Физическая мезомеханика и компьютерное конструирование материалов : в 2 т. Новосибирск, 1995 (в соавт.).
  3. Поверхностные слои нагруженных твердых тел как мезоскопический структурный уровень деформации // Физ. мезомеханика. 2001. Т. 4, № 3 (в соавт.).